• Abbas Kiarostami Memorial Wall

    Abbas Kiarostami had expressed his willingness to have a forum for his workshop students to be in touch with each other; He wanted them to exchange their experiences and their new works.

    We would like to collect as much information as possible from his workshops, the contents and their participants. Therefore, any literature written by him or any other writer about his workshops or any video or audio file in this field is welcomed.

    Any contribution at any level, like an article in a local or international paper or a website or a blog, or any information about university researches and dissertations about Abbas Kiarostami’s workshops are also most welcomed.

    If there is book, an article, a research or documentary or even an opinion about Kiarostami himself and you are aware of please don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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Cuba 2016
kiarostami workshops Open 6 Users


For ten days, 35 participants will be able to develop a project led under the guidance and supervision of Abbas Kiarostami.

The workshop is eminently practical, so it is essential that participants are autonomous and have knowledge of directing, filming and editing, as well as have access to their own filming and editing equipment (a camera and a computer equipped with an editing program).

Furthermore, they can also enjoy theoretical sessions including a seminar on the work of Kiarostami, in which the Iranian director will answer to the students’ questions regarding his working methods.

The director will lead the tempo of the workshop and decide the topics, recording times and possible locations where the projects will be shot.

For participants to take full advantage of 10 days of creation it is necessary to conduct a preliminary pre-production work on the ground. In this way participants will have databases, created by Black Factory Cinema and the EICTV, with possibilities of actors, locations and basic information for the production of each film.

Duration: 10 days / 80h.

Value: 2500 (euros). This value includes accommodation and food for 12 days in the EICTV.

Certificate: Certificate set between EICTV & BFC.


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